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You feel the pain and know the cost to your company of not filling a job vacancy but do you have:-

  • Time to recruit a person
  • Proven systems and procedures for recruitment
  • Experience in interviewing
  • Relevant and information gathering questions to ask when reference checking
  • The training to know what questions you are allowed to ask and what you are not allowed to asked when interviewing.
  • The experience and know how to find out how long a candidate will stay in your firm.
  • A plan in place for the future, when this candidate leaves, or moves further up the ladder.
  • A good gut feel, or do you prefer to work with systems and procedures to ensure the candidate is thoroughly checked.
  • An eye for detail when it comes to evaluating CV’s.
  • A good feel of the role you are recruiting – are you seeking experience or attitude.
  • A plan for the future of this candidate and this role, can you see the big picture.
  • The ability to write an ad that will attract the right candidate.
  • A recruitment agency that listens, follows the same Recruitment process for every job, and can provide a three month candidate and recruitment guarantee.

Use this simple SPAIN method to evaluate your role.

  • Situation – how will not filling this role affect your business
  • Problems – what are the potential problems if you don’t find this person
  • Analysis
  • Implications on the organisation
  • Need – what is the complete job specification