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CornerStone Recruitment is a dynamic business building company that builds business from the people who we place.  We understand the importance of obtaining “the right staff” believing in quality, ability and reliability which helps with productivity in development of practicality in growing your business.

We are a significant company that is worthy, particular in who we are and what we can do, going the extra mile, ensuring our clients get the best quality of service looking at ALL aspects of what is needed in developing your business professionally and practically considering what is needed now and in the future. 

We also offer your staff assistance through our "Training" programs. If you are restructuring and find that you need to help with your staff's relocation, we are here to help. With our team of empathetic consultants, we can work with your staff to feel empowered in the search for work. If you have any questions regarding our service, feel free to email Alfred, and he can discuss with you how we can assist.



CornerStone Recruitment extends the action of finding suitable people to join an organization to support your needs.  We strongly believe in going the extra mile.  Recruitment is not just about selling /placing people into employment.  People are not numbers and although the hold a value in a work place it is their in put that can go potential.  Our services are Permanent Employment and Contract arrangements. We specialize in the field of technical recruitment which covers specialist roles that require skill, experience, qualifications and knowledge. 

We also  specialize in people. It is our ability to find that right match that makes us different. We can find that skill, experience, qualification and knowledge that you're looking for. But it's our ability to pick the right person for your team, your company that will make the difference.




In employing permanent staff we believe in finding people who intend on continuing without interruption people who are motivated and can offer potential, adding value to your company by what they can do. “A smarter choice is a better choice”. We meet with the team and gather information about your company with the view to finding you the next cornerstone of your business. Our permanent placement rates are truly cost effective. It is our aim to build long term relationships with our clients where both of our businesses succeed. We also offer a structured payment system that your accountant will be happy with.


CornerStone Recruitment offers a truly cost effective, easy to manage arrangement lasting for specified periods of time. There are many reasons why people are employed on contract and we understand how important it is to be able to fill any short term needs or hiring someone who can meet the demands of fluctuating work especially shift workers.  Again, we offer cost effective contract rates that ensures that the employer, the employee and CornerStone Recruitment are equally valued as business people in our own rights. Again, we can offer a structured payment system that you and your accountants will be happy with.


We offer your team the chance to learn important new skills and gain insight into their search for employment.

With "The Project of Success", we want to help your staff in their search for work by helping them recognize their key skills and strengths, regain confidence in their abilities and empower them to search with energy and passion.

With "CV / Interviewing Skills", we work with your team to recognize the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for and participate confidently in an job interview. For more information, please email our team here, and one of our experienced consultants will contact you directly.