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CornerStone Recruitment is all about people. Our Consultants are real people who know the value and importance of recruiting the right person into your organisation. The systems and procedures followed recognise the needs of both the Employer and the Job Seeker. Recruitment is an industry that goes for win win every time, both Employer and Job Seeker. 

People feel valued when working. They again feel valued when they are working in a good environment where they have developed good relationships with their employers and co-workers. When this value is recognised, production and output are of an increased standard. CornerStone Recruitment aim to bring together teams that foster this value. For employer and employee, it is win-win. When we have both parties happy; we are happy.

For CornerStone Recruitment, the aim is not to be the biggest but it is to be the best at listening to your needs, establishing the desired path and outcomes and making sure that you get there. We call it the “CornerStone Difference”. You need to try our services to appreciate the additional services we provide, our professionalism and quality.